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We all wish our children could grow up in the best way possible, we also wish our children could take after our passions. At Tottsgolf, we make it possible!

Our Programme

Coures for children

At Totts Golf we strive to deliver the best quality of instruction for your kids. Developing academics along side sports and recreational activities will provide for a well rounded child. Totts Golf introduces children to explore and experience the exciting world of golf,

  • All equipment is provided
  • Max 3:1 student to coach ratio
  • Every class covers physical fitness, academic concepts and rules & etiquette lessons
  • Skills development and confidence building
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Melissa has really enjoyed her learning journey at TottsGolf! My husband and father-in-law are both avid golfers, and there's nothing we love more than her getting into the game as well.

The program at TottsGolf is the perfect balance of structure and fun! Kids from 3-7 years get to learn the fundamentals of golf through games and activities.

They pick up golf skills that they aren't even aware of, and we find, particularly for Melissa, learning golf has helped a lot with her attention span and concentration.

With golf short game drills like putting and chipping, it helps kids focus on getting the ball into the target, while being mentally conscious of their body posture and grip – they all work in tandem to keep Melissa's attention and focus on the task at hand.

And the ratio of 1 coach to 5 kids allows the coaches more time with each child. The coach is particularly good at communicating with children. He has that magic that is not authoritative. The coach is very dedicated to Melissa and Melissa looks forward to coming weekly. All in all, TottsGolf has been great and Melissa really enjoy her time at the golf lessons!

Mrs. Minji Dyer (Mother)

Having since enrolled my 5 year old daughter Catherine into the Totts Golf program over a year ago, I am very impressed with how her golf skills have improved but most importantly how her character has developed to be more patient, focused and determined. Even after a year, Catherine is always looking forward to her next lesson at Totts Golf, her enthusiasm and interest in golf is so strong that it has sparked an interest in my youngest daughter Yu Xuan who always played with the balls and clubs after her sister’s classes. Yu Xuan only turned 3 early this year which is why i was worried for her to join her older sister as she was very young but after a trial lesson i realized that the classes which have been tailored for young kids is very safe and professionally taught by experienced coaches who specialize at handling young kids. After half a year, I have seen how the lessons became a very important bonding session for my daughters, they are always happy and tend to motivate each other to do better. I am extremely pleased with Totts Golf for providing my kids with a program that focuses on sports and early child development together and how it has nurtured my children to have a very strong character foundation.

Mrs. Yue (Mother)

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