Golf Holiday Camp

In collaboration with Transview Golf Academy and Totts Golf 
Sponsored by U.S. Kids

Half Day camps generally run Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to noon and are designed for boys & girls between the ages of 4 – 9. All ability levels are welcome, with kids being segmented into smaller learning groups based on their experience levels.

Half Day Camps are designed for the “new junior golfer” as well as the intermediate level junior. Participants are segmented into smaller groups based on their experience and skill level in order to create the most favourable learning environment possible. For three hours each day, campers learn or hone their skills with a strong emphasis placed on golf fundamentals and well as fun!

The use of golf teaching technologies will be utilized. The week also includes the incorporation of various skill based games and activities which are designed to improve the campers golf skills as well as keep the learning environment fun and engaging for this age group. Camp will also incorporate lessons on good sportsmanship, how to play golf honestly and with integrity.

Golf Highlights
  • 3 hours of hands-on instruction each day
  • Instruction based on exclusive curriculum developed by PGA of America
  • Functional skill development includes full swing, short game, rules and etiquette
  • Golf Camps is a golf enrichment program designed exclusively for the development of the junior golfer. Our camps welcome boys and girls of all athletic abilities, golf experience, and competitive desire. Whether a child has professional aspirations, collegiate scholarship goals, or simply wants to learn how to play a round with mom or dad, each child enrolled in our camps is warmly and sincerely welcomed.
  • As the golf enthusiasts who run and operate the Junior Golf Camps, our mission is to share our passion for the great game of golf with youths across the country. Our promise–is to support, encourage, and respect each and every one of our campers and authentically inspire them to reach their full potential, both on and off the golf course.


  • 2 day $220 non members/ $180 Seletar Country Club members
  • Date: 24th June & 25th June
  • Date: 26th June & 27th June


  • 4 days $400 non members/ $330 Seletar Country Club members
  • Date: 24th June to 27th June 
  • Seletar Country Club (Driving Range)                                                                                   101 Seletar Club Rd, Singapore 798273

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24th June 2019 – 27 June 2019