• Fun, we create an enjoyable atmosphere and even implement an awards system to encourage children

  • Challenging, we have a progressive challenge system for children to face, overcome and develop

  • Educational, both within the game of golf and outside. Teaching children etiquette and manners of the game and aiding social development.

  • Safe, our teachers are qualified instructors combined with many years of experience. Safety for your children is our highest priority.

  • All equipment is provided

  • Max 3:1 student to coach ratio

  • Every class covers physical fitness, academic concepts and rules & etiquette lessons.

  • Skills development and confidence building

Empower your child by giving them the opportunity to learn this life-long game and it’s many benefits through our Golf Enrichment Program today.


At Totts Golf we strive to deliver the best quality of instruction for your kids. Developing academics along side sports and recreational activities will provide for a well rounded child. Totts Golf introduces children to explore and experience the exciting world of golf, Since all clubs, mats, and balls (foam or plastic) are provided, your child would be able to take golf lessons in the safety of our classrooms until they understand the game and are ready to go outdoors. Our Programs enable kids to become more self confident and make it possible for children to discover their athletic ability through golf in hopes that their interest in the game will lead to greater discipline and learning “life-values.”

It is a great way for kids (Ages 2-7 years old) to start enjoying the great game of golf. During the hour, we are constantly focusing on your kid having fun first, learning the basics of golf second.

Putting, chipping, pitching. Lots of games for the kids to play and have fun without realizing they’re learning.

Totts Golf offers a convienient and safe option for young childern to be introduced into the game of golf right here in the city.

“A recent national survey of parents taken from one of the leading childrens golf schools in the US revealed some powerful data: 74% observed a positive change in their child’s communication skills; 74% observed a positive change in their child’s display of responsibility; 76% observed an increase in their child’s confidence; 52% observed that their child made better grades in school and 66% observed a positive change in their child’s social ability.”

While learning the game of golf, your child will also learn invaluable life lessons including patience, respect, honor and perseverance. Your instructor will insure a learning environment that is not only fun, but informative as well. It is never too early to learn a game that will last a lifetime

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and inclusive learning environment that helps your children develop their skills and increase their mental focus while building their self confidence.

This is a fun and creative program for young golfers, it is a great way to learn not only the skills to play golf at a young age, but also drills and exercises to prepare for golf as the child grows and becomes stronger.